We are pleased to announce that H&P Refrigeration has amalgamated with our long-term friends at Cold Concepts to expand the in-depth expertise that we have been providing our customers since 1992.

Cold Concepts is a leading provider of Glycol commercial refrigeration systems. This technologically-advanced cooling method provides businesses with energy and financial savings while also reducing their environmental footprint.

The benefits of Glycol commercial refrigeration systems are impossible to ignore:

- Environmental Benefits
- Completely food safe, with no health risks to users or installers
- Little or no heat emissions into the kitchen
- Reduced noise levels, improving the workplace environment
- Reduced energy consumption
- Cost Benefits (Up to 25% reduction in running costs)
- Reduced heat extraction and ventilation costs
- Reduced food wastage
- Reduced risk of failure when compared with integral refrigeration systems

Find out more about Glycol here.